Boyertown Elementary Strings


The Boyertown Area School District Elementary String Program serves students from 3rd until 5th grade--students are offered the opportunity to learn to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. The directors are proud to work with the students in teaching solo and orchestral repertoire, in small and large group instructional settings. In addition to learning how to play their instruments, students learn teamwork, perseverance, problem solving, and the value of being part of  a respected ensemble.

How can parents help their child succeed?

1. Help your child develop a plan to get his/her instrument and music ready the night before a string class. It is imperative that the instrument and music are taken to school on the designated days. (Most children need help remembering, especially at the beginning of their instrumental experience.) Also, please remind your child of their lesson time!

2. Please be sure your child's practice chart is filled in and signed prior to the start of each class. This chart is used for recording daily practice times and allows us to monitor each child’s home practice efforts. You will find the practice chart in your child's music folder.

3. Encourage a regular practice routine. It is important for young musicians to play their instrument every day. Be sure to set aside a specific time so a routine can be established. Learning any skill demands constant repetition and practice. (A little practice each day is better than a lot of practice once a week. Repetition is the key!) Arrange a quiet spot and time so maximum concentration can be achieved. The minimum expectation is 15-20 minutes a day for beginners at least 5 days a week. Less practice will most likely lead to lack of success. As their playing ability becomes more advanced, they will need to spend more time practicing. Violin and viola students should stand to practice. Cello students should sit on a hard chair with a straight back. All students need to use a music stand that is adjusted to eye level.

4. Remember, no child wants to practice every day. Parental support and encouragement in maintaining a regular practice routine at home is essential to the success and enjoyment of your young musician.

5. The skills learned in class are cumulative and build upon a strong foundation, similar to math where a child must understand addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplication and division. Therefore, if a child is not ready to move on to a new skill, it is most likely due to lack of practice, or that they need more home practice to master a skill.

6. Share your child's enthusiasm! One parent shared the idea of holding weekly home concerts so all can share in the child’s progress. Above all, keep encouraging them!

The Boyertown Area School District has once again been recognized as a Best Community for Music by the NAMM Foundation!

Boyertown has been recognized as a Best Community for Music 2023!  This is the 11th straight year that Boyertown has been honored with this recognition which places the community in the top 4% of school districts nationwide for musical excellence.  Congratulations to the music students, staff, and the entire community for this wonderful award.